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EBook Top Game: Domination in the World of Jiu Jitsu



For the first time ever, Gordon Ryan is telling all. Take a dive into the mind, life, and successes of three-time ADCC Jiu Jitsu Champion Gordon Ryan. Ever wonder how to actually make money as an athlete in an up-and-coming sport? Are you thinking about becoming a grappling athlete or contact-sport athlete? In his first go, Gordon gets raw about what made him who he is today. How his successes and failures ultimately made him the most successful Jiu Jitsu athlete in the sport. Are you a beginner? Gordon has guidance that can only be learned from his point of view. You won’t regret diving into this compelling and life-changing read by the GOAT of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

“I’m a huge fan of excellence. I’m a huge fan of dedication, discipline, and drive, and that’s why I’m a huge fan of Gordon Ryan. He’s the most successful grappler in the history of Jiu Jitsu, and there’s not even a close second. He’s also only 27 and not even in his prime. His formula for success is a constant, tenacious drive towards excellence, and the results are incredibly inspiring. He’s also one of the most American motherfuckers that’s ever lived.
He’s a living, breathing example of the power of hard work and focus. He sets the bar higher for all of us, and the world is a better place because he exists.”
– Joe Rogan

“There is no denying that Gordon Ryan is a once in a lifetime athlete.  I’ve know Gordon and watched his growth since he was 15 and I encourage everyone to take the time to read about his mindset and his strategic approach to life.”
—Tom DeBlass

“This book is by the best grappler I have ever know and it contains amazing guidelines, insights and much needed knowledge on how to become a successful athlete. It’s definitely worth the read and I know you’ll enjoy it.”
—GSP, Georges St-Pierre